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ESNL in technical partnership with Encanex Oilfield Services Canada Inc. provides specialised waste management services using cutting-edge technology. We take pride in delivering innovative solutions to the oil, gas, and mining industries. We have expertise and experience in the following areas:

Onsite Waste Reduction
Our team will work with you to develop a solution that will meet your corporate needs. We consider corporate strategy and day-to-day operational challenges to deliver the value added solution you desire. Through Encanex Valueback solutions based approach we will assemble a solutions team, complete a solutions audit and develop a solutions plan.

Onsite Waste Processing
Encanex offers the Moduworks equipment series:
  • Modutank - onsite bulk liquid storage, emergency deployment, spill response.
  • Modufrac - frac tanks for the cost conscious.
  • Modubin - waste transport equipment that don't require roll-off trucks.
  • Modufilter - onsite water and oil filtration.
  • Modumix - onsite mix tanks.
  • Moduheat - onsite heating tanks.
Onsite Resource Recovery
We will work with you to thoroughly understand where the opportunities exist to recovery valuable assets from your plant by-products. We will pull upon technologies from around the world, mechanical, chemical or other to create a unique innovative solution that delivers true value to you. Utilizing Petroback, Metalback, Waterback or Mudback we can extract hydrocarbon from sludge and wastewater, minerals from remains or energy from slops. We will find hidden value in innovative solutions.
ESNL/Encanex solution approach is systematic and is based on evaluating site specific historical data, current industry best practices, consulting subject matter experts, ensuring regulatory compliance, while reflecting corporate strategy and day-to- day operational requirements and assuring due diligence. This approach consists of: : Solutions team, Solutions audit, and Solutions plan.

NORM Management
Managing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Waste (NORM) is a part of doing business in the upstream oil & gas industry. Doing that business safely is a must. Estrella offers NORM management services including:
  • Removal, treatment and decontamination.
  • Transport & disposal of residual material.
  • Surveying & monitoring.
All services are offered under strict health, safety and environmental controls and guidelines.

Onsite Waste Water Treatment
ESNL provides water treatment services to the oil & gas, minerals, refining, petrochemical, manufacturing, power generation and remediation industries to name a few. Using Encanex Waterback solutions, we treat water impacted with Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals, Organics, PCBs, TSS & TDS etc.
You specify your waste water challenge and Encanex will deliver the solution.

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Monday | Feb 25 2013
Estrella Services completed the renovation and general maintenance of Forte Oil head office complex on 13, Walter Carrington Crescent Victoria Island Lagos
Wednesday | Nov 21 2012
Estrella Services Nigeria Ltd partners with the Canadian offshore environmental giant, Encanex, to execute specialised environmental services in Nigeria.
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